Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Have all the power of choosing the best plans in Dallas Electricity now at your fingertips

Dallas electricity customers have something to celebrate. Just what might that be? Low electricity rates, of course! Before deregulation opened up the energy market to competition, Dallas electricity consumers could only purchase electricity from a utility that serviced their area, and that meant there was no choice in the matter of what kind of plan you got. Now, you have several energy providers to choose from and different plans give you options to customize your electricity.

            Do you need electricity service for a short period of time? Do you want to lock in a low rate for a year or more? Want to take advantage of green energy? These are all options that you can now pick from when it comes to your electricity in Dallas. Where the utility would only push for a singular plan, you now have access to several options based on what your home or business requires.

            Short term plans like variable and prepaid offer a no contract monthly term that allows you to switch to a new provider or plan at any time. The benefits of these plans include not having a penalty for early termination and getting yourself into position to take advantage of a better rate. Fixed rate plans lock in your rate for a certain length of time, known as a contract term. The term could be anywhere between three months and three years, depending on your provider’s options. These plans are best when the going rate is low, often just before summer or winter starts.

            Once you lock in a rate with a fixed rate plan, your Dallas electricity rate will not change if the market takes any sudden turns. You are protected from the volatile market conditions for as long as your term states. Once it comes time to renew again, you can take advantage of new low rates, possibly with another provider if you wish.

            At Shop Texas Electricity, we give you the ability to see all of these different plans in one place, rather than having to visit every website of every provider that operates in the Dallas Fort Worth area. There are incumbent or affiliate retail energy providers, like TXU that function as the utility’s primary REP, but there are also a number of established and startup companies that sell electricity as well.

            All electricity is the same, no matter who sells it to you, whether it’s from a well known company like TXU or a small startup business. The difference is, smaller companies may be able to offer electricity plans at a much lower rate, due to less overhead operational costs. They offer straight up electricity plans with fixed rate terms and no gimmicks, and just like the big players, every plan comes with an EFL that tells you everything about the plan and how the price is derived. Every plan also comes with the same electricity reliability, thanks to ERCOT and their oversight of the deregulated energy market.

            There is no reason not to shop for the best electricity rates in Dallas, so why not stop by our site, enter your zip code, and browse the hundreds of possible plans that can provide power for your home. If you own a business, we’ll get a custom tailored energy quote for you based on your business’ energy use, so you get the best possible rates. We’ll do the hard work for you, so all that’s left is to pick the plan that’s best for you.

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