Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Narrow Your Search for Houston Electricity

Houston, Texas is home to the Energy Corridor, a stretch of Interstate 10 that houses several well known energy companies. These companies, along with many others work hard to maintain the best deals and cheapest electricity in the city for consumers. They are dealing with changing market conditions, generation facilities, and distribution every day, all looking to make their clients happy. How do you choose the best out of these companies and find electricity that meets your needs?

The simple answer to that question is shopping around. Since there are dozens of energy providers all over the state, and each has several energy plans, there is a multitude of options to choose from. How does Houston find the best deal of electricity? You could spend a lot of time searching all over the internet, finding each retail energy provider that operates in your area, or you could save a lot of time and search through Shop Texas Electricity, instead.

We don’t sell electricity, so we’re not trying to get you to buy it from us. Rather, we help you speed up your search by bringing the electricity providers to you. Our comprehensive list of energy plans and providers lets you make apples to apples comparisons of electricity plans for your home. We list all of the major points in the quick view, including provider and plan name, average rate, contract term length, special offers, and even a handy annual savings calculator.

The list lets you quickly look at several plans at once without having to switch between multiple tabs and try to remember which plan offered what. Even better, we let you sort through plans using filters that group listings by provider, product name, term length, and price. This way, you can find plans based on your preferences. Plans that have special offers like rebates, credits, and other special promotions will have such items listed on the quick view as well. If you come across a plan that has a good price, and you like what they offer, you can look in greater detail by clicking the EFL link.

The EFL, or electricity facts label, is the “fine print” of any plan. All plans are required to have them and it shows how the average price is broken down, factoring in things like monthly base charges, meter reading fees, transmission charges, and other items. They will also tell you of any difference in rates for certain ranges of energy use. Sometimes an energy provider will offer a low average rate for electricity usage in a certain range, like 501 to 1000 kilowatt hours of electricity. Below or above that range, the price could be significantly higher. This is why it’s important to check the EFL for any plan you may wish to sign up for. The EFL will also list all possible charges and penalties associated with the product.

Once you’ve found a provider and plan for your Houston electricity service, all you need to do is click the “Order Now” button or call the phone number listed and you’ll be brought right to that company’s website and be able to sign up for the plan you chose. By helping you narrow down your search with an easy to read, sortable list, Shop Texas Electricity takes the hassle out of finding a good electricity plan for you home.

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